Relapse Prevention in Zanesville, OH

For addicts and alcoholics looking for relapse prevention in Zanesville there are trained rehab professionals ready to help. Individuals who have developed a problem with drugs or alcohol that has matured into addiction have a lot of choices when they decide to quit and begin their recovery. Rehab, aftercare programs, and drug detox in Zanesville are available across the United States for addicts and alcoholics who are ready to get help.

Throughout the recovery process, it is important for recovering addicts and alcoholics to always have drug relapse prevention and alcohol relapse prevention plans, respectively. The road to recovery can be full of pitfalls and knowing what to look for before you begin to have a relapse can make the difference between a major setback and staying on a positive path.

What is Relapse Prevention?

Addiction is a chronic disease that cannot be cured but a recovering addict or alcoholic who is committed to staying sober can stay on track by having a drug relapse prevention or alcohol relapse prevention plan that they follow whenever they feel the symptoms of a relapse beginning to occur.

Relapse prevention is an organized plan that a recovering addict or alcoholic has in order to avoid taking drugs or drinking again. The first stage of relapse prevention is staying away from people and places where you typically drank or did drugs. By staying out of situations where you have done drugs or drank in the past, you are removing the initial temptation to drink or take drugs again.

The next stage is to recognize when you begin to change your behaviors, which is a sign of an emotional relapse. This can include anxiety, anger, and other signs, which recovering addicts and alcoholics should be aware of at all times.

If you are actually having urges to use, it's time to talk to someone. You should have a list of people in place that you can call whenever you are feeling weak. This can include family members, friends, or a mentor or sponsor through an aftercare organization like Alcoholics Anonymous.

Relapse Statistics Amongst Addicts and Alcoholics

Sadly, relapses occur in 50 to 90% of all addicts and alcoholics which is why a drug relapse prevention or alcohol relapse prevention plan is so important. Staying in close contact with your support group, which can include friends and loved ones as well as fellow recovering addicts in an aftercare program that helps with relapse prevention in Zanesville, is a big part of staying sober and avoiding using or drinking again.

Everyone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol must fight every day to stay sober but having a drug relapse prevention plan if you're an addict or an alcohol relapse prevention plan if you're an alcoholic is a great way to stay ahead of the urge to use or drink again.

Warning Signs, Symptoms, and Stages of Relapse

There are three stages of a relapse that every recovering addict goes through if they do slip and use drugs again. Some addicts are very in tune with their own emotions and reactions to situations and can immediately put their drug relapse prevention plan into action in order to stay sober.

Sometimes it is harder for an alcoholic to avoid situations where they have drank in the past because of the social acceptable nature of alcohol in American society. Due to this, in some ways it can be even more important for a recovering alcoholic to have an alcohol relapse prevention plan in place.

The three stages of relapse are emotional, mental, and physical and they each have their unique symptoms and definition. During the emotional relapse stage, a person is not yet thinking about using. They do not feel any obvious urges but their behavior has begun to change. They may become irritable or defensive or isolate themselves from friends and family members.

The mental relapse stage is when you start to think about and justify using again. It may just seem too hard to stay sober and you may think you will be able to control how you use or drink this time around. This may be the most important time to have a comprehensive drug relapse prevention or dual diagnosis treatment in Zanesville. This is the time to pick up the phone a call your sponsor or family member or friend.

The physical relapse stage is when you are engaging in the physical act of getting drugs or buying alcohol. When you are driving to the liquor store it may be too late so engaging the organizations who can help with relapse prevention in Zanesville when you are sober so you can prepare a proper plan to fight against relapses is important.

Organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous can help recovering addicts and alcoholics with relapse prevention in Zanesville. Getting involved early in your recovery is the key. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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