Drug Intervention in Zanesville, OH

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affects millions of people across the U.S. and it is important to have local treatment options for individuals to take advantage of without having to travel out of the area where they live. The availability of professional assistance with a drug intervention in Zanesville can be a big step in getting a friend or loved one to realize their drug or alcohol use is negatively affecting their life.

A drug intervention program staff member can assist families with understanding not only how an intervention works buy give them background on how drugs or alcohol can take over a person's life. Drug intervention for addiction is a step families can take when a person doesn't realize the path that drugs or alcohol has taken them down.

A person who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol often does not realize what effects their addiction has had on different aspects of their life. An intervention assisted by a professional can shed some much-needed light on what drugs and alcohol have done and why treatment of some kind has become necessary.

What is an Intervention?

The goal of an intervention is to show an individual who is addicted to drugs or alcohol that they should seek treatment. A successful intervention will result in them immediately entering a drug or alcohol addiction rehab in Zanesville but that is not always the case. In some instances a person still does not understand the negative effects drugs or alcohol are having on their lives but by continuing the process and following up after an initial intervention a successful outcome can often be achieved.

The process of a drug intervention for addiction is to have a formal yet relaxed as possible sit down with the individual who is having trouble with drugs or alcohol. There is a fine line between the person seeing this as a group of concerned loved ones who want to help and them being ambushed. This is where a professional interventionist from a drug intervention program can assist. An interventionist can definitely help you with a drug intervention in Zanesville.

How to Stage an Intervention

If you are a family member of someone involved with drugs or alcohol, whether you know them to be addicted or not, and you want to stage a drug intervention in Zanesville there are steps you can follow to help. A drug intervention for addiction is an organized attempt to help someone and according to the Mayo Clinic, should include the following steps:

  • Make a plan. A family member or friend proposes an intervention and forms a planning group
  • Gather information
  • Form the intervention team
  • Decide on specific consequences
  • Make notes on what to say
  • Hold the intervention meeting
  • Follow up

A professional interventionist from a drug intervention program can assist you with all of these steps. They will give you ideas on what should and should not be said, how to stay away from hot-button topics that will make the person shut down, and keep you focused on the idea that this is to show them they need help, not to accuse or blame them of any wrongdoing.

Who Should be Involved in an Intervention?

When you decide you want to stage a drug intervention in Zanesville there are professional interventionists from a local drug intervention program that you can consult whether you have them involved in the event itself in the end or not. They can help you choose the friends, family members, and co-workers including spouses, siblings, and other close acquaintances that can or should be involved.

A drug intervention for addiction will be a stressful situation for everyone for obvious reasons and an interventionist can help you keep the stress level under control by involving the right people. A person who is very close to the individual but they tend to argue with may not be a good choice.

Someone who they have drank or done drugs with, even if that person has only had a recreational or social level of use, might seem hypocritical and may also not be a good choice. People whose opinion the person respects are good choices. Close family members whose motivation to help will be obvious to the person are also good choices.

Seeking assistance with a drug intervention in Zanesville is a great first step for family members of suspected addicts. A drug intervention for addiction can be tough but a trained professional from a drug intervention program that may also be attached to a drug rehab facility can help educate families not only on interventions but on the entire inpatient rehab in Zanesville. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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